What Tina’s Clients say about her….

After 5 weeks of Pilates classes, I can say with absolute certainty that Tina is an absolutely incredible instructor. I attend her corporate classes at my law firm where Tina visits on a biweekly basis, and where Tina caters to all different levels of fitness and flexibility. Even with a large class, Tina provides one on one instructing, and specialised exercises for everyone in the class.  Working and sitting in an office 5 days a week is very is difficult, and Tina has equipped me with skills to improve my posture and strengthen my back and spine. I love attending her classes, I have so much fun and enjoy her vibrant, enthusiastic personality and vast knowledge. I would highly recommend her.
Stephanie Surm

I have always had an interest in personal fitness and for many years have been regularly attending gyms, fitness classes such as Pump, Body Balance, Yoga and Pilates and have used the services of personal instructors. I have now discovered Tina who attends our office twice a week teaching Pilates to groups varying in size from just one to as many as nine. Tina is an instructor that not only achieves results but I actually look forward to her classes! Tina’s passion for Pilates combined with her positive enthusiastic training technique is a quality I haven’t experienced with other instructors, she really is outstanding. I have been suffering a muscular back problem for the last 3 years, have visited chiropractors, acupuncturists, regularly attended a Pilates studio, used personal one on one trainers with no relief however, thankfully have recently noticed the discomfort easing which I’m confident is a result of Tina’s effort in ensuring we practice our exercises safely and correctly which has strengthened my core and corrected my posture which has been causing the discomfort. I am in a mature age bracket and am proud to say I find my fitness and strength level equal to that of my colleagues in Tina’s classes. I highly recommend Tina to any Corporation considering using her as part of their fitness program.
Karen Cadoo (Brisbane Reception Receptionist)

I have been a half hearted participant in Pilates on-and-off for years. If I am honest with myself, I never really understood the concepts or got much out of it.  I also struggled to stick with it in the past, as I have a temperamental lower back which was often aggravated by the routines. This all changed when Tina started taking Pilates classes at our office. With Tina’s patient and thorough teaching, I have started to build up my confidence with the breathing techniques and principles of Pilates, so much so that I am starting to really ‘feel’ the benefit of the routines in each one of my underutilised muscles.  As for my lower back, Tina is fabulous at identifying and working with everyone’s individual needs, to make sure we each get a full work out, while looking after ourselves. Thank you Tina!
Sephora Johnston (Lawyer)

“As an office worker, I find that my neck, shoulders and back are always stiff and sore after a long day of work. Since starting pilates classes with Tina, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my body. As well as healing those types of pain, Tina’s classes have helped me with core strength and as a result I find myself correcting my posture at work everyday. During the one-hour session with Tina, I switch off completely from the outside world. Tina’s teaching method is exceptional as it always focuses on the correct technique and posture, whilst ensuring that we receive an adequate amount of stretching and relaxation in between. I would thoroughly recommend Tina’s classes to anyone who is looking to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.”
Natalie Lazar (Research Clerk)